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Infuse Creativity into Your Corporate Events

Infusing creativity into your next corporate event can lead to a better audience response. Think back to the last few conferences , meetings, galas or workshop you’ve attended – do you have a vivid and enjoyable memory? Or was your recollection of the event feel like the same ol’ monotony ? I’m here to tell you that corporate events do not have to be dull – in fact corporate events lend themselves to tons of opportunity for creativity and innovation.

1. Creative Live Entertainment

What’s your first thought when you think of ‘live entertainment’? — probably a music band right?  Of course, that is one way to liven up a party, but there are other options. What about adding an element of surprise like, a real life mermaid splashing around in an oversized champagne glass.  Perhaps a contortionist showcasing his/her moves inside a giant bubble. Live entertainment production companies (like Skylark Creative Group ) have tons of options. Be sure to choose something that is on theme so that it makes sense for your event. This is one sure way to give your guest something to talk about.

contortionist in a bubble Infuses Creativity into Corporate Events
Pictured: Skylark Event Group at Sequoia’s “Tonic + Bliss” Gala (2019) – by Pixelme Studio

2. Every Conference Needs Fun Photo Ops

In the age of selfies, why not give the people what they want. Photobooths are always a good option but I challenge you to explore beyond the traditional ones. You will find that there are many other variations like, the 360 booths offered by Book Extrodinary If you’ve watched award shows, you KNOW what I’m talking about. The 360 booths are set up with a middle platform and the camera spins around you.  You can also brand it with your logo, or better yet, make it an activation opportunity for potential sponsors.

3. Branded Corporate Gifts

Another way to inject creativity into your next Corporate Event is by giving an on theme goodie bag with useful goodies. Try to focus on quality items that make sense to your audience and the theme of your event vs quantity of –frankly random stuff.  And by the way, it doesn’t need to be an actual bag.  There are many options for corporate gift boxes to choose from – ranging from drink sets to custom (name your city) welcome boxes.  There’s something to be said about the feel of opening up a gift box that  just elevate your event.

Plug Innovation in Your Next Corporate Event

When thinking about your company or organization’s next event, don’t forget to focus on the human experience. Infusing a few creative elements into your corporate event will lead to a buzzworthy event – a buzz that helps to spread the message of your brand to a wider audience.

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from our clients

Working with Events by Yosira was a breeze! She was amazing to work with. She was very thorough, understood my vision and executed on my vision impeccably. She has a great eye for detail and asked great questions and thought about things I didn't even remember / consider. She went above and beyond on my expectations and I highly recommend her!

Achama J.

Yosira is extremely thorough and professional. From your initial meeting and calls throughout the process before the event, all details are taken care of. Communication with her is easy and she is always available for last minute questions to confirm the event will go smoothly, and it did! I highly recommend her for any event!

Ana M.

She was professional, punctual, and was able to provide advice that helped us accommodate last minute attendees while staying within budget. Our memorable event would not have been successful without the help of “Events by Yosira”

Eddie M.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Yosira on an art pop up shop. Since this was our first event outside of the tri-state area, it was crucial having her as our woman on the ground in the DMV area. Yosira communicates effectively, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. From securing a beautiful space for our event, to creating a marketing plan, Yosira brought our vision to life. Her creativity, professionalism, and work ethic are unmatched.

Viviana Z.