I want you to feel well supported during our planning journey together, and hope that this guide answers your questions about where we’ll start, my process, and next steps.



getting started

The first days of planning are spent understanding your vision and goals. I'll also spend time going through any data you may have from previous recurring or similar events. From there, I'll create a customized planning schedule and to-do list.

This phase is roughly 4-weeks
Once I've mapped out your customized planning process, it's time to get to know your priorities and budget. What's important to you–and what's not-so-important? During this phase, I'll create a spending plan based on your preferences.

This phase is roughly 4-weeks



your priorities
& budget


event design
& production

Once our spending plan/budget has been approved, it's time to get to the good stuff! I'll begin the process of designing your event, taking direction from the goals you've communicated in Phase 01 During this process, I'll create a customized design board and present it to you. This design presentation will walk you through your event guest experience.

This phase is roughly 6-weeks
Vendor recommendations, planning meetings, menu selection, timeline creation–and more! The planning, logistics, and details phase is ongoing throughout the planning process and includes all the bits and pieces that help your event come together. It's why you've hired me, and I can't wait to support you.

this phase is on-going



logistics & details



the 12 weeks leading up to the event, we'll be focused on the big and small decisions that need to be made. It's also when I'll have our final walk-through of the venue before the event day.

This phase is 12-weeks
The final 10 days is what I like to call the event week–and it's when we'll have our final meeting. I will be busy fielding answers to any logistical questions with your vendors.
This phase is 10 days before your event



event week



Your event has come and gone–and I'm here to help you close the loop. You'll be hearing from me to help capture what went well, improvements and general buzz feedback from your event.

you may be wondering.....


During the process, I’ll communicate using your client portal and via email. This allows us to keep on top of your event planning requests and tasks.

The planning process will have months where we talk every week–and then times when you don’t hear from me for a while.

I’ll be sure to connect with you whenever we have an update to share. You can expect me to send you monthly updates and check-ins, too.

And rest assured, even if you haven’t heard from me in a few days, we are hard at work on your event.

If you’d like to schedule a planning meeting, please contact me via email or your client portal.  I’ve also added the “SCHEDULE A CLIENT SESSION” button to the bottom of this guide.

It’s important to me that you reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. As your event planner, it’s my job to support you in making decisions and finding the best options.

Please connect with us via your client portal or email with anything that’s top of mind for you and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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I'm so excited to

get to Planning!

A heartfelt thank you for choosing Events by Yosira, LLC to help you celebrate this special moment! I’m honored to be a part of your planning journey!