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Event Planner Scam – Beware!

Event Planner Scam – Beware!

In the last 6 months, I have been contacted 3 times by 3 separate emails claiming to have a need for event planning services. I wanted to make sure that I send this out to my fellow planners and event industry creatives – beware, of this scam!

Their goal is to send over money to someone (aka a planner) and have you wire money to someone else (i.e., another vendor). Please do not fall for this scam and report these emails.

How do I know it’s a scam – a few things were a red flag.

  1. They sent me a direct email, they didn’t go through my inquiry process (sounds innocent but not when coupled with the rest of the signs)
  2. Without talking to me, all three of their initial emails were very much willing to move forward with bringing me on board as their planner.  That is strange behavior for anyone to be so confident about someone that you’ve never interacted with at all.
  3. The BIGGEST signs was — the minute I asked them to fill out an inquiry form (which requires a potential client to put in their phone number) the conversation pivoted or stopped.
  4. One of the emails – when I emailed back after directing the person to my inquiry form and consultation call – bounced back as a non-existing email address.
  5. Notice that all three emails have some sort of exotic spelling to some words in their dialog (“mum” or “colours” ).  

The Emails

Scammer 1 – “I would have loved to meet you on this project but presently. Due to the nature of my job, a Seaman/Sailor, always on a ship taking cargo from one destination to the other, it’s kinda hard to plan a successful 50th surprise wedding anniversary party for my mum and dad with the intent to make it a surprise party to mother, family, and some friends all on my own, I guess I need help. I’d like to hire your services of an event planner in regard to my upcoming event and I so much believe you are going to do a great job for me?”

Scammer 2 – “Hello, I’m James, I would like to know if you offer event planning service because my wedding anniversary party is coming up on the Dec 4, 2019, I don’t want the party to be held at my house, i’m having a lot of stress issues due to have not had an event like this before in my life, i want you as my planner for this event and i so much believe that you can do me a lovely party and thrill my guest to the best of your ability”

Scammer 3 – Hi Yosira – I want the surprise party in any part of  MD or the surrounding areas. I would like a private room in a restaurant or hotel banquet hall for the venue but I am open to any nice venue option.  I want this event to be a casual anniversary dinner party. I want a traditional romantic theme, and prefer dark purple and ivory colours for the decor. I want white roses for the floral arrangement. I want a buffet-style dinner. I want Pineapple glazed grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, meat lasagna, salads, fries, fresh fruits display, and a two-tiered white chocolate raspberry cake.  I want an open bar and prefer beer, wine, and soda. I want a DJ for entertainment and prefer R&B and Jazz music. I want the event to start at 6 pm and end at 10 pm. I am open to a phone conversation anytime this week. Kindly get back to me with your direct cell number and let me know what time works best for you.”

from our clients

Working with Events by Yosira was a breeze! She was amazing to work with. She was very thorough, understood my vision and executed on my vision impeccably. She has a great eye for detail and asked great questions and thought about things I didn't even remember / consider. She went above and beyond on my expectations and I highly recommend her!

Achama J.

Yosira is extremely thorough and professional. From your initial meeting and calls throughout the process before the event, all details are taken care of. Communication with her is easy and she is always available for last minute questions to confirm the event will go smoothly, and it did! I highly recommend her for any event!

Ana M.

She was professional, punctual, and was able to provide advice that helped us accommodate last minute attendees while staying within budget. Our memorable event would not have been successful without the help of “Events by Yosira”

Eddie M.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Yosira on an art pop up shop. Since this was our first event outside of the tri-state area, it was crucial having her as our woman on the ground in the DMV area. Yosira communicates effectively, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. From securing a beautiful space for our event, to creating a marketing plan, Yosira brought our vision to life. Her creativity, professionalism, and work ethic are unmatched.

Viviana Z.